Before the rental

Optimization of your accommodation, taking pictures, advice in interior design and decoration, follow-up and price quotation for works, placing of fire detectors, requesting maintenance for the boiler and chimney, advice to provide housing and tenant in your best interests...

Pre-tenancy inspection

Searching the tenant applicant; redaction of the lease; signature of the lease; implementation of the guarantee, inventory of fixtures carried out by an expert or amicably according to the desire of the owner, preparation of the EPC certificate (Energy Performance Certificate), handing over the keys, meter reading: electricity and gas, calorimeters, hot and cold water, recording of the lease on request...

Mid-tenancy inspection

All relations with the tenant(s), daily monitoring of cash receipts from rents and charges, reminder in case of late payment of the rent, work and maintenance follow-up, insurance management, claims and litigations,...

Post-tenancy inspection

Departure inventory of fixtures and evaluation of rental damage; thorough cleaning of the apartment and bedding; rectification at possible breach of dishes, lamps or other; revaluation of the rental value, re-lease the property again.

After the rental

Individual and personal counting for each outgoing tenant according to documents received from the trustee but also private providers such as gas, water, electricity, insurance with waiver, TV and Internet... and release of the guarantee.

  • You share ownership of an existing building with other people? You are therefore co-owner!
  • If your building consists of more than 20 apartments, you are obliged to call upon the services of a trustee.
  • The trustee is a unique and compulsory body required for your condominium. It manages the real estate at your name and on your behalf. It runs or executes the decisions taken by the general assembly.
  • Call upon the services of a specialist! TREVI offers you more than 50 years experience, a multidisciplinary team and transparent communication through its website.
  • Define yourself your co-ownership profile to receive an offer meeting your needs