Already furnished

To be present and active on the Brussels furnished real estate market, your property needs to be regularly refreshed, repainted and maintained, whether it's furnished or unfurnished... A property ages, wears out, and in order to make the most of your property, it's sometimes necessary to make a few improvements or changes. This is not just to bring the property up to date, but also to satisfy the occupant's needs. This demand evolves over the years... That's why we can help you with the process: whether it's just a change of household appliances or a complete refresh of the property, our specialized team can help you and monitor the progress of the work. Prices on request.

Not yet furnished

First of all, we'll analyze objectively what's best for you in terms of the proposed property: furnished or unfurnished. Then, depending on your tastes, your desires and your budget, we'll suggest a line to follow and a style of furnishing and decoration... We define a 'furnishing' budget, which with experience is increasingly accurate and complete. We'll take care of the furnishings from A to Z: from the teaspoon to the drapes, the choice of lighting, the quality of the bedding, the suitability of the electro, the style of the dining room and living room, the efficiency of the office, right up to the painting, which will probably be the final touch. We'll keep you informed of progress, step by step, with photos or visits, and by email. We'll also take care of the follow-up work if necessary, as well as requests for quotes. With our experience, we can guide you towards qualified professionals in many fields. Our commitment is to be present and to monitor the work, with feedback to you, the 'owner', so that you can see and follow its progress with complete peace of mind.... Because building work is often a source of worries. Prices on request. Don't hesitate to contact us for prices? We can also show you completed projects with photos.

Living room

If necessary, you can also count on us for quotations and follow-up work. Thanks to our experience, we can put you in touch with recognized professionals in various trades. We're always on hand during the work, and we'll keep you regularly informed of progress, so that you can follow the progress in detail, but at your leisure... Work is not always trouble-free.

Don't hesitate to contact us for prices. We can also show you photos of completed projects.