Step 1: Search for a tenant

  • Search for a prospective tenant
  • Solvency check
  • Drafting of the lease
  • Signing of the lease
  • Setup of bank guarantees
  • Check-in inventory of fixtures
  • Energy Performance of the Buildings (PEB)
  • Handing over the keys
  • Registration of the lease
  • Installation of the smoke detectors

Step 2: Management of your tenant

  • Relationship with the tenant
  • Follow-up of works and maintenance
  • Daily follow-up for the collection of rents and charges
  • Insurance and litigation
  • Claims follow-up
  • Rent collection
  • Accounting management: charges and rents
  • Follow-up of the lease contract

Step 3: End of lease

  • Inventory of fixtures and rental damage
  • Release of the bank guarantee
  • Adjustment of charges
  • Taking over the meters
  • Re-estimation of the rental value
  • Re-renting the property


Many people who work for international or European institutions and accept an assignment abroad for a few years, entrust us with the rental and management of their real estate for the duration of their stay abroad.

Private assets company or condominium

We manage large property holdings owned by companies or joint owners while respecting the interests of each party, in complete independence and objectivity with a permanent concern for quality and professionalism.