The TREVI index

The TREVI index was launched in January 2005 to respond to the demand of a growing number of stakeholders in the Belgian residential real estate market willing to make use of an extensive real estate index, regularly calculated on the basis of clear criteria.

The TREVI index is based on the sale price of a sample of 7,500 real estate properties listed during the quarter prior to its publication. The TREVI index is therefore a barometer of the evolution of residential real estate prices established quarterly on a representative sample of properties spread throughout Belgium. Real estate evolves! The TREVI index assesses its evolution on a quarter to quarter basis!

Our sample is supplied every quarter by collecting real estate ads from both our partners present throughout the Belgian territory, as well as properties put up for sale by our colleagues, notaries and private individuals.

* since 1 January 2006, the TREVI index is published quarterly